Our Story

Balkan Solar Store was opened as a company to create a new climate in the supply of systems photovoltaics in the Balkan region. Balkan Solar Store is a company specialized in the sale of solar energy products which include:

  • Solar Photovoltaic Panels,
  • Inverters and
  •  Transmission Devices of the Solar System.

The company has worked closely with well-known manufacturers of solar panels and inverters for it provide the latest and innovative products to their customers. Also, they have built a network of wide range of certified solar installers and technicians to ensure safe installations and qualified.

We have products in stock from world-renowned companies such as AE SOLAR and inverters from GROWATT NEW Energy. Also, we offer solutions for the following accessories of the support system, systems of monitoring and electrical cables of all kinds, etc.

The company Balkan Solar Store (BSS) offers very competitive prices in the local and regional market, while find efficient solutions in the planning, implementation and finalization of the project as a whole.

We are here to facilitate access to modern global technology solutions!

Our motive is to encourage mutual cooperation to achieve joint successes in our journeys in business.